Soraa GU10

Lifespan L70 %: > 25.000 hr
GaN on GaN ™ (Gallium Nitrade on Gallium Nitrade)
Energy savings up to 80%
Flicker free to reduce the eyestrain
Environment friendly: no mercury or toxic gasses
Instant switch-on regardless of temperature or humidity
Equal light distribution and high uniformity
Compatible with most magnetic and electronic transformers
Warranty: 3 years


Soraa GU10
Color rendering index CRI > 95 and R9 > 95
Color temperature 2700K-3000K-4000K 2700K-3000K
Luminous intensity 390lm-410lm-435lm 465lm-490lm
Power 7.5 W 9.5 W
Beam angle 10° 25° 36° 60° 25° 36° 60°
Dimmable yes
Power factor (Pf) >=0.75 at Max. Load
Dimensions dia 49.9 mm - height 53.5 mm
Compatible with SNAP only for 10° beam angle


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Gu10 Soraa 95CRI Gu10 Soraa 95CRI Gu10 Soraa 95CRI


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