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Lifespan L70 %: > 50.000 hr
Immediate start, regardless of temperature or humidty
No maintenance costs
Efficacy: 90~95 lumen per watt
Epistar LED chip
Separated welding spots, making short-circuits impossible
Flexible chains, can be split between any module
Mounting with screws or premounted double-sided adhesive tape is possible
CE/RoHS/ENEC/UL certified
No mercury or toxic gases
Warranty: 5 year

LED Micro Module IP67 Single Double Triple Quadruple
Power 0.5W 1W 1.5W 1.44W
Luminous intensity (@5K) 94 lm/W 95 lm/W 96 lm/W 95 lm/W
Number of modules per chain 20 pieces
Input voltage DC12V
Color rendering index RA > 70
Color temperature 5000K (3000K, 4000K, 5700K available)
Beam Angle 160°
Dimension 21x18.5x10mm 42x18.5x10mm 63x18.5x10mm 42x42x9.2mm
Working temperature max 65°C
Storage temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Max series connection 150pcs 75pcs 50pcs 30pcs

LED signage and advertising solutions. Best for led backlight, 60-150mm depth light boxes and channel letters. Permanent outdoor use in enclosed light boxes or channel letters.

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