Perimeter security lighting

• Low cost
• Simple installation
• Safe low-voltage
• Energy-efficient
• Dark-sky compliant
• Neutral white Cree LED's with predicted life of 54400 hours (10 years)
• Provides no-glare lighting of appropriate illuminance for security cameras and guards
• Cast aluminum alloy and galvanized steel construction durable enough to withstand physical abuse
• All driver components selected for extended operation at high temperatures - no electrolytic capacitators

Input voltage 12 volts to 24 volts AC or DC (polarity independent)
Power factor (Pf) >=0.88 at Max. Load
Power 6.2 W
Temperature in use -40°C ~ 55°C
Color temperature 4500 K
Luminous intensity 512 lm
Color rendering index RA > 73 (Note: higher CRI not required since illumination is primarily for security)
Beam angle 120°

• Commercial, municipal, residential properties, airports, military installations, power plants, aid & relief stations, temporary housing, Secure military and police deployement